I am Nitin Kumar Sardana, aged 36 years, S/o Premlata, R/o 4th Floor, Premlata Apartments, Sector 4, New Shimla, SHIMLA – 171009, Himachal Pradesh.

I am residing in Shimla but my basic parental home is at Karnal i.e. H. No. 65/13 Extn., Urban Estate, KARNAL – 132001, Haryana. Now at this address, my Mother (Mrs Premlata) aged 62 years, resides along with my father (Mr Ashok Kumar Sardana).

Now the Main Problem is this:-

Whenever I asked to my father, most of the time telephonically, about my Mother’s health, he always told to me that She is well.

Now from last few months, I used to go to my home at Karnal to know my Mother’s wellness in detail, as I was in doubt of the talks with my father from last few months.

Now about 15 days back, when I visited my home, I had seen a little swelling in her feet. I have a knowledge of medical and so I suggested to my father to take her to the doctor.

She is a little psychiatric patient suffering from severe kidney problems from last many years. She used to tell about light pain in her chest always. Her all teeth are now decayed to such an extent that may be incurable now along with the secretion of a brown/black powder out of the remaining teeth most of the time that may cause severe infection in her digestive system also in the coming days.

She is now unable to stand and walk to go to even toilet, etc. She is also suffering from pain in her legs, maybe due to stiffness of joints and ligaments because She didn’t come outside her closed room from last many years.
As he (my father) always used to ignore my sayings due to his egoistic, conspiring and dual personality, which I am seeing and facing from last 20 years.

Now when I again visited my home at Karnal on 24th October 2016, I saw that an abnormal swelling arises in the body from her feet to up to her neck. I immediately started arguing with my father that its now the time to visit a hospital immediately for her treatment, otherwise this can also lead to her death in the coming few days.

After trying hard, I managed to get my Mother to visit to Dr K. C. Chugh (as suggested by my father) at Fortis Medcentre, SCO-11, Sector 11-D, Chandigarh on 25th October 2016.

Dr K. C. Chugh had suggested my father and me to get her admitted to a good hospital if you can afford, otherwise we can’t say about her condition in coming few days.

At there also, he (my father) starts arguing with me that we can go to home back and there is no need of admitting her to the hospital.

After trying to convince my father, I managed to get her admitted to the Fortis Hospital at Mohali the same day i.e. on 25th Oct 2016.

She was admitted under Dr. H. S. Gill along with the supervisions of Dr. Parmanand Kulhara (Psychiatry), Dr Mrs Satbir Kaur (Rheumatologist) and an appointment with a senior dentist was pending and scheduled for next day. At hospital, her condition improved fast and I was with her all the time to know the progress of her health condition. Out of the suggested tests by doctors, some tests were done and few were scheduled pending to be done next day.

Now my father came on the day of Diwali i.e. on 30th Oct 2016 at about 3:00 pm and started arguing with me about her discharge and suggested the hospital staff to discharge her immediately.

But due to my interference and also due to lack of funds with him for the outstanding bills, he decided to go for discharge the next day. And the next day, he withdraws may be appx Rs.20000/- from the bank and then proceeded for discharge formalities. Please note that initially at the time of admission till 29th Oct 2016, I had paid all expenses and bills.

Then later it seemed, that the staff at Fortis hospital don’t want any loud discussion which my father was doing and so at that time I was in doubt about the decision of discharge by the Fortis management. But I tried my best to get any help from the Fortis management, Police, etc. but I lose at every place.

My Mother is discharged now and I have no other option but to get a legal help in this matter. I want to get my Mother treated/cared at my home in Shimla under my supervision. I can afford and I am willing to pay all expenses for my Mother’s best possible treatments and Elder Care.

I don’t directly want to discuss with lawyers as I had both bad and good experiences with lawyers in the past. So I initially want online suggestions/options for me?

You please give your suggestions/options after giving thoughts on this matter and take your own time, but it will be better if you reply back within 1 day.

Nitin Kumar Sardana, at Shimla

Please note:
a) I have many Audio/Video Recordings of my efforts to convince my father, to try to get help from Punjab police, etc.
b) Also copies of Test Reports and Prescriptions showing how negligible care She was getting in the past before the admission to the Fortis.

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