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My application might be unfairly dismissed from a Canadian University because I did not submit an IELTS score. However, they mentioned on their website if the applicants first language is English then they do not need to submit a test. However, because of my nationality they are assuming that I do not speak English as a first language. My entire education has been in English as well, and I have many other proofs that I speak English as a first language. If I had known that this would become an issue, I would not have sent the application along with the fee.

I have requested to find a way to resolve the problem, but the deadline is tomorrow and I have reason to believe that my application will not be considered. I also have given another test with me scoring a high percentile (top 15%). If my application is not considered due to this, is there any possibility of me taking legal action? If so, what steps must one take in suing a foreign university? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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