My grandfather purchased a land. He did the WILL of his property to me and my brother in year 1981 (not to his son, directly to me and my brother). After that he passed away in year 1983. Again my brother passed away in year 2008. My brother was unmarried. So, I was the only one who left.


In year 2016, mine one and only one married sister came to my house. She told me that she has financial problem so please allow me to live in my home. So, I allowed her to stay in my home. But, I was unaware of the real fact. After living 3 months in my home, she started demanding her half share in my property.  I am not ready to give her share in my property. Now she had lodged a complaint to local police, senior city SP and chief minister office against me. I am very much confused. What should I do?


I have some construction work in my home. But with the help of police she stopped my ongoing construction work. I also took an advance payment to rent my property. But she is not allowing my renter to enter into my house. Please advise me what should I do?


I have some questions also. Please answer my queries:

  1. Does my sister really her share in my property?
  2. Can she have the right to stop my ongoing construction work?
  3. Can she stop my renters to enter into my house?
  4. She is using my bathroom, my water, my room and even if my electricity. When I refuse it then she took help of Police. I was surprised that police was supporting her and police warned me. Can she have right to use my bathrooms, electricity?? How should I tackle police torcher?
  5. Please tell me the right and proper way to solve this case?
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