Liza ghosal (anonymous)

Hellow I m a Hindu married woman. I was married in 2016. My in laws house is an ancestral property. Right now we are just 4 members reside here( me and my husband, and my in laws parents). My father in laws is a rich business man for past 30 years and that’s why he  always threats us that he has many contacts with political leaders and police officers. So he can throw us away from this house in 2 minutes. Nobody can do any harm to him as he is a wealthy person. My mother in laws is also with him. I am suffering this type of mental torture for last 3 years. But it has now become intolerable for me. My health condition is also getting damaged day by day. So i have somehow managed a separate kitchen in my first floor so that I don’t have to go there in front of them. They reside in the ground floor. Bt now they have become more aggressive. They tease us every now and then. They want me to stay there as their slave. They are equally torturing their son also. My husband was studying m.sc 2013. They had forced their son to leave study and do business. And my husband did that too as he was compelled to hear them. Now they are demanding that money also which they have invested earlier for their son’s  business. It has been 3 years over since I married. Bt I can’t conceive a baby just becoz of their mental torture and blackmailing. Now we r living separately from them. Bt as the residence is same they r telling they will cut the water supply line so that we suffer..now what can we do? Is there any way out to get rid of their torture??

Liza ghosal asked