Anon (anonymous)

Here’s what happened:

  1. I rented a motorcycle from Rentomojo for a month against a refundable security deposit of Rs5000 and Rs5350 monthly rent. A superficial list of checks was provided stating the bike’s condition.
  2. I returned the bike some time back, there was a list of checks made no additional damage was reported during pickup. The bike was roadworthy and in good condition.
  3. I have paid 1900 rent for about half a month and the remaining amount is pending.
  4. Upon quality check of the bike the company is claiming charges of nearly Rs9000 for repairs.
  5. They have kept the security deposit and are asking me to pay the remaining rent (around Rs3400) along with an additional Rs4000 for repairs.

A detailed report of damages was sent to me and upon review they seem to be using my deposit to pretty much replace all parts on the bike. They have replaced working items like the headlamp, footrest, leg guard etc. A major expense listed is fork bend removal (~Rs3000) and another arbitrary cost listed as ‘Accidental Repair Charges’ (~Rs2000).

My question:
I do not mind the monitory loss at this point, all I want to know is can I be sued by the company if I refuse to pay the remaining amount(~Rs7000). Or rather will the company bother with legal action to recover that amount (because I’m sure they would have safeguarded themselves in the contract).

Anon asked