Dear Sir,

We purchased house land 10 years back, in our sale deed one of the east side boundary noted 6yards road , now there is no road towards east side .
In earlier days where road was shown (it means East side) is government land and noted as a donka road in government records till date , the existing government land allotted to industries few years ago.
At present east side instead of road, industries compound wall is our boundary.
Now how to do the rectification deed, it is compulsory while doing the rectification deed old owners (seller) is to be required to sign in the rectification deed document
If in that case our old owner (seller) is not available and also we don’t know at present where he was residing.
What is the alternate procedure for to do the rectification deed, if the last owner (who sold the house plot to us) is not available and not traceable?

I am requesting you to please kindly tell us the procedure and information

Anonymous answered