Undertaker (anonymous)

I just have a question that I’ve been wanting to ask.

I took an internet connection from MTS last year and after realizing that their services suck, I applied for disconnection. Even after disconnection, I received a bill. I tried contacting their customer service and they were absolutely clueless.

I gave up and after a month, their collection agents started threatening me. Since I knew what collection agents would do, I kept asking them to do what they could. They would often tell they’re advocates and threaten. I even received auto generated emails serving a legal notice. I knew that these were not valid and ignored them as well.

During the past few days, I’ve been receiving SMS’es and mails indicating a lok adalat has been scheduled and a number has been provided to contact them. This, again looks fake to me as well because they’ve been sending these SMS’es constantly and there’s no detail about the lok adalat. I need to know the procedure for lok adalat and what would actually be the process if someone invited me to attend a lok adalat?

Undertaker answered