Anshul Tiwary (anonymous)

My father got into a lot of debt sometime back due to his gambling habits and had no means of paying them back. When the creditors started to force their hands, he resorted to writing them cheques which obviously bounced. This invited a lot of trouble and he was booked under Section 420 of IPC and had an arrest warrant on his name. He fled thereafter terminating all contact with family and acquaintances. Haven’t heard or seen him in the past three years. For a few months after that we received notices from the court which we didn’t accept. It stopped for a while.

Today, two cops showed up at our house asking for his whereabouts and we told them all we knew. However, they weren’t convinced with that and told us it doesn’t stand well in front of the court nor with the police and that we’re hiding information from them. I smelled something fishy and asked them why’d they come looking after so many years? And so it turns out that the court has demanded a statement from the T.I. as to why the court-hearing has been pending for 3 years. He then went on telling us that since we haven’t filed an F.I.R. for a missing person, we might face some legal implications. In our defence, why file an F.I.R. for a person who fled by choice. Obviously, this isn’t enough and after giving them a statement, we might still get a notice from court to appear in front of the judge. After much debate, I pursued them to allow us some time. We have until tomorrow when we go down to a Police Station to give a statement.

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