dejavu (anonymous)

My phone was snatched from my hand by a person on a bike outside a metro station in delhi yesterday. I informed 100 and went to the police station. The police told me I have 2 options:

  1. I file an FIR and mention that it was stolen, not snatched. When the phone is found, I’ll be called ONCE and it’ll be returned to me.
  2. I file an FIR but say that it was snatched, not stolen. This would require me to take multiple trips of the court and police station in case the thief is caught because I’ll be called to identify him, etc.

He said the outcome is the same in both cases (i.e. I’ll get my phone back if it is ever found). The only difference is that in the second case it’ll be more of a hassle for me because I’ll be called multiple times. He also said that in case I go for option 1, I also have to mention in writing that I do not want to legally proceed with the complaint I made in my call with 100.

How do I go about this and is there a better, more effective way to track down my phone? I’ve given the IMEI number of the phone to the police but they say they check if the IMEI is active only on a monthly basis.

dejavu answered