Frustrated-Student (anonymous)

My house is at outskirts(farm area) of main city in Haryana and here there are 3-4 houses only. There are two banquet halls at a distance of about 150 metres from my house which play loud music past 10 p.m. I recorded sound levels at three areas in my home on roof, of which I have attached photo. I have marked the averages.

Record 1 – For roof Average – 75dB

Record 2,3 – Inside room. Average – 59.1dB

My location lies outside the municipality area and it comes in rural parts. I am not sure whether it comes under industrial, commercial or residential. There are no industries or shops here. Just farms and few(3-4)houses.

I have read Noise Pollution(regulation and control) Rules, 2000.  I classify mine area as residential then it is violation of it both inside the room and on roof.

Moreover there is clear violation of 5.4 and 5.5 of rules which say ambient level near the boundary to be not more than 10dB and 5dB.

I am a student and no one around me has much knowledge. The marriage season is just starting and if it continues my studies will be affected a lot for complete winter. Please advise what to do?

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