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I want an advice regarding …
Mobikwik and Microsoft jointly announced a cash back offer of Rs.3,600 on purchase of certain Lumia phones.
They were supposed to give cash back of Rs.300 every month for 12 months till Nov 2016. But, after giving cash back for 3 months, Mobikwik has announced that the offer is closed.
Mobikwik says that, it is mentioned in T&C that, “MobiKwik reserves the right to change or call back the offer (offers) any time on their sole discretion”.
But, when the offer was announced, Mobikwik has published a T&C pdf file. (https://i-1.prod-cdn.webapps.microsoft.com/blob/view/-/5930460/data/1/-/Mobikwik-offer.pdf) The clause that, offer can be called back any time is not mentioned in it. Only general conditions are mentioned. They mentioned ‘Other Terms and Conditions apply’ at the bottom of that pdf page. But, they did not explain what those ‘Other T&C’ are in the Offer page.
Now, Mobikwik says that, Other T&C means the T&C which are posted in Mobikwik.com and they apply for all offers.
But that fact is not mentioned in Offer page of Microsoft and Mobikwik.
What can the victims of this sudden closure of cash back can do?
Many people have lost Rs.2,700(each) because of this act by Mobikwik.
Can we file in consumer court?
Or we do not have any defence since it is mentioned in T&C of Mobikwik that they can call back any offer?
What options are left for us then?
Please advise.
Thank you.

Blue answered