Lara (anonymous)


I’m writing about my grandmother. About 3 years ago, two of six children took their mother to a lawyer and made her overwrite the house to them (behind everyones back), claiming that they were taking care of her. We only came to know of this situation a few days ago, because a loan was taken out on the house. (the registry was given to a neutral person until the loan is payed off, that neutral person informed the rest of the family that the hose doesn’t belong to the mother anymore).


My question is:

Is there any way to reverse it?

Because those two children didn’t take care of her, at one point they even kicked her out of the house. So their claim is not true. All the financial contributions come from me. I send some money for my grandmother every month. I payed the lact electricity bill (approx. 500 euros), I send food and other stuff for my grandmother via amazon and I partly payed for the cancer treatment of one of the two children.

Just for the record, I don’t want the house. I just want the house to get back to my grandmother.

Im thankful for every response.

Lara asked