sunita (anonymous)

My friend\’s sister\’s Sagai/Godbharai ceremony took place with a boy from Haryana in 2014. Every thing was going fine. The boy was talking to the girl and her family members. But slowly they realised that boy used to drink sometimes. One day while he was drunk he called the girl and verbally abused her. Though when not drunk the boy behaved normally. My friend\’s side (i.e. the girl\’s side) is economically weak. The boy even transferred money into the girl\’s account for a year for her to continue her education. But owing to the incident in which he abused the girl while talking to her on phone my friend\’s family and the girl decided to call off the marriage.

The girl\’s side have no proof of sagai/godbharai ceremony. All the photographs are with the boy\’s side. Now it has come to their knowledge that the boy\’s side is contemplating filing a case against the girl and her family members for cheating and they want the money back. Even the girl\’s side on hearing this are ready to taken on them legally.
I want to know what legal recourse can the girl\’s side take in order to counter them and their claims?

sunita asked