Balaji Kanakasabapathy (anonymous)

My case is as follows. The location is Gurgaon. I had a forex card with a company. I had requested an amount to be added to my card. The money was deducted and the card reloaded with the money. Now there was mistake on their end and my card was reloaded two times with me only paying for the first reload. For reasons I’ll not go into at this point, I refused to pay back the second reload. The company has since issued me a legal notice claiming I cheated them and they’ve also supposedly raised a police complaint against me. They say they’re going to pursue both civil & criminal charges. They came with a police constable to my office and tried to harrass me in front of my colleagues. The constable would only speak Hindi(which I only know the basics of), he had a written complaint from the company in Hindi. When I asked to take a picture of it so I could show to my lawyer, he refused saying I wasn’t allowed to.
Now my questions are these:
1. Am I legally required to pay back the second reload?
2. They already sent me a legal notice, can they also pursue police action like this?
3. Is this a genuine case of police action or just harrassment in co operation with a willling police constable?
4. What steps should I take to protect myself?

Balaji Kanakasabapathy asked