in 2013 2 khasras of a property (there were altogether 5 khasras of property under single ownership) were litigated and stay order was passed by acjm courts in favour of tenant (from 2009) for due process of law for vacating property.

in 2018 same property (all 5 khasras) were sold to some one else. on registry documents 3 points are mentioned (1) this property does not indulge in any court issue (whereas 2 khasras of this property were granted stay order in 2013). (2) new owner has taken physical possession of this property (there is nothing mentioned about tenant being legal or illegal and new owner has right to collect rent or through the tenant out of premises), (if physical possession has been taken by new owner then where is so called tenant). (3) prior to date of registry of this property all liabilities will belong to seller of property, in this case if new owner of property gets right to through the tenant out of premises, legally or forcefully??

there is only one water supply system i.e. bore-well in this property which is on another khasra which is not under stay order. Can new owner of property stop water supply to the tenant??

kindly suggest and advice for tenant to save himself.

Anonymous asked