MP (anonymous)

I am an Indian National living in the Netherlands. My wife, (also Indian) is also living here. I had bought a house during the marriage based on a home loan and I am paying the monthly payments for it. I named my wife as co-owner.
I filed for divorce in India in 2016 (on grounds of cruelty and harrassment) and I had moved out of the house.
I have been regularly in the divorce proceedings till now but the case in India is proceeding very slowly due to bureaucracy.
(A dutch divorce is not valid in India as it cannot be based on the same grounds as required in India).

I am not able to sell the house here as I need her consent to sell it. She is not giving her consent and the indian divorce case is progressing very slowly. Meanwhile I am bound to pay the monthly payments otherwise I will get a bad credit rating which will effect me in the future.
The Dutch court said that they will follow whatever the Indian court orders regarding the ownership of the house.

I want to return to India and want to free myself of all debts and obligations in a clean manner before leaving Netherands.

Is it possible for an Indian high court to order the sale of the foreign house and 50:50 division earlier and before the final divorce is granted?

MP asked