Employee_102 (anonymous)

I was offered a position by a company from Blore in Dec.

Over the mail I said that I gladly accept the offer, thinking that it is at-will employment.
In January, I changed my mind after knowing the work that the company was offering. I told them that I’ve unfinished projects in the present company which might take two months and hence can’t join them.

The HR told me to contact the co-founder of the company, whom I mailed to talk but she never responded.

Now after 1 month, they suddenly start asking for my joining date, again, saying that they were waiting for me to join their company now.

In the offer letter, they have a clause which mentions that if I don’t join I’ll have to pay them 2 month’s salary, which I didn’t read and it was my biggest mistake.

Now, they are threatening me saying that either I should join them in next 1 month or they will send a legal notice to me for which I’ll have to pay 2 month’s salary.

I just wanted to understand, does this case has a legal standing and are these clauses, binding the person to join the company, even valid?

I’m more worried because I’m about to apply for higher studies in US, for which I’ll need a student visa. Will this kind of nuisance create any problem in the visa procedure and everything?


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