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Name Change Procedure

How to change name in India is a question some people often wonder. Women generally want to change their name after marriage to adopt the surname of her Husband. There may be numerous other...

Indian Evidence Act

indian evidence act notes

LEGAL PROVISIONS AS PER THE INDIAN EVIDENCE ACT, 1872 AND RELEVANT CASE LAWS:- The indian evidence act notes have been provided in this article for you to study. The relevant provisions of the Evidence...

Latest Amendments

Latest amendments in indian constitution

There have been a total of 100 amendments  in the constitution of india as of Feb , 2016 . An amendment being a formal change in law , constitution or any legal document. The...

Cheque bounce charges

Cheque Bounce Charges and Punishment

Cheque Bouncing has become a major issue in the financial world. There are tons of cases filed for dishonour of cheque everyday ! It is important for us to know the consequences of this in...

Law and justice concept

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